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Welcome to my first podcast !!!

STRANGE MOON (true crime & ghost stories from my life)

I'm Moon (She Her They Them) a Queer Death Midwife and artist. I've always been a storyteller, and I've always loved ghost stories and all things Halloween.

In my show I will not only talk about a murder from my hometown of Baltimore City, and the person I suspect that might have been involved, but also my own personal trajectory, of a life that has been shadowed by chaos.

My first story Keep Me in The Dark is about a night I wanted to forget many years ago.

The first of many bizarre occurrences spanning two decades, and just the beginning.....

Almost 20 years have passed by since my strange friend George pulled the car over by the side of Lake Montebello, facing the woods under the sliver of the late spring moon, and told me his dark secret. At the time, for my own protection, I had to look away, forget about what he said, and bury it. Through a twist of fate, a few years ago in February of 2020, something made me look back in my memory and remember the girl who died in the woods. A girl who was not much older than me when she died, and that had a bright future ahead of her. A girl who I would learn about through many interviews with her friends and family, was a lot like me, a writer, a dreamer, a free spirit and loved by so many.

Leaving me to wonder like so many have,

Who would kill her and why?

By unraveling my own obsession with death, and love of monsters, I've uncovered that mysterious night, and started piecing together the stories that spanned over two decades of strange occurrences. I hope you're brave enough to walk into the woods with me, I hope that by telling my story her family might finally find some peace, and most importantly I hope that by telling my story there might at last be some justice for Keri.

If you would like to talk about a true crime you know about, tell me a story that haunts you, or if you have any information about the 1995 murder of Keri Sirbaugh please reach out.

You can find me and follow my Instagram Strange Moon or Queer Death Stories (also now on Twitter!) I would love to talk to you. Or email me at

Next episode With Love From Misery out tomorrow Friday September 17 2021!

The true story of how at age 15 I learned to embrace my queer identity, all thanks to my crush on a witch, and how this would help me eventually escape my own life trapped in rural HELL.

This is Moon, let's keep it Strange!


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